firefox-gray We are not the only boat on Bonaire offering big game fishing charters, but we are, in fact, the only boat that actually does fish for big game. One competitor in particular, claims that he "consistently enjoys the highest average catch of all fishing boats, and has multiple tournament wins in both local and international competitions".
That is a blatant lie and sadly there are no advertising rules on Bonaire which would forbid these false claims.
Fact of the matter is that this boat neither has the equipment nor the skill to catch the big fish and simply trawls for little barracudas, which we would consider by-catch, along the reef. The boat does not even compete in the local competitions.
Anyone looking for the thrill of big game fishing will be utterly disappointed there. Only the Grand Bleu offers proper big game fishing and only the Grand Bleu consistently brings in the specimen Wahoo, Tuna, Marlin, and Sailfish that you have come to fish for and she is the only boat with the required safety equipment.

The Fish!

firefox-grayWe are often asked what happens to the fish.
That is up to you.
The general rule is that the crew will clean as much fish as you can possibly eat, and the rest stays with them to sell to the local restaurants.
This is, in fact, how they make their money.
Chartering the Grand Bleu only costs half of what similar boats in Curacao and Aruba would charge and only a third of what a Florida Keys charter costs. This makes the crew try very hard to catch big fish, and this is a big advantage to you.


Our crew tries their utmost to give you a great time, tries to make you catch as much as possible, and cleans and cuts your fish for you so that all you need to do is throw them on the BBQ.
If you feel that they have performed well and wish to reward them with a tip, such a gesture is greatly appreciated but not required.


firefox-grayReservations can be made by phone or e-mail.
There is no need for a deposit.
What we do need are your full name, number of people joining, your address at home and on the island, and a contact number. Payment is due after we return to the dock and in cash only.
We do reserve the right to charge you 50% of the charter if it is cancelled less than 48 hours before departure if we are unable to charter the boat for that day.